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Sacred Spaces

Sacred Spaces

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From Rome and Paris to Moscow and Barcelona, Christian churches represent some of the most significant architectural achievements in our world. Here is a miraculous celebration of these incredible places of worship.

Designed to evoke wonder and awe in believers and nonbelievers alike, churches stand as a testament to the power of belief and to the men and women who designed and built them.

Offering unprecedented access to a collection of revered religious landmarks, photographer Guillaume de Laubier takes readers on a stunning architectural tour. Sacred Spaces showcases breathtaking photographs of extraordinary churches and cathedrals, revealing original, illuminating views of icons, including:

  • La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  • Church of the Gesu in Palermo
  • St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City
  • Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow
  • Notre-Dame in Paris
  • And more!

Whether Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox; made of wood, stone, concrete, or glass; Roman, Gothic, Baroque, or modern, the places of worship featured in this richly produced volume present an extraordinary overview of our architectural and cultural history.

Whether you have visited one of these magnificent sites, or many, the full-color images here will bring you a new appreciation of the beauty of church buildings and the history of Christian communities across the globe. Let these beautiful photographs and this oversized, overfilled coffee table take you on a trip around the world to buildings that have meant so much to so many for centuries.

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