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Adornwell "Simply Old Fashioned" Cocktail Infusion Kit

Adornwell "Simply Old Fashioned" Cocktail Infusion Kit

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The Old Fashioned is a classic and while the name derived from people simply not wanting to change their ways, we are providing a fun and innovative twist to the well-known classic!

Our recipe is complete with oranges, cherries, cinnamon & sugar. Add whiskey, bourbon or brandy for a delicious cocktail at home, at an event or gathered with friends!

One cocktail kit will allow for 12 ounces of spirit. Once the spirits have been added, shake the ingredients and place in the refrigerator for 48 hours. Strain the contents and enjoy over ice with garnish!

Of course, with any of our infusions, we suggest the most common or preferred spirit, however infusions can be made with any type of spirit. Alcohol not included.

Each kit makes 6-8 drinks. All infusions can be zero proof by adding boiling water instead of alcohol. Every kit has a 9 month shelf life from date of manufacturing. Suggested consumption is 30 days after infusion. Best kept refrigerated, but not necessary. Cheers!
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